The impact of Nottingham Trent University English Research on
Labouring-Class Writers

This is a survey about research activities on the recovery and understanding of labouring-class writers (e.g. John Clare, Robert Bloomfield, Ann Yearsley), led by John Goodridge and his colleagues at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) since 1993, and the effect they have had on readers and scholars.

About your engagement with this body of work
1. Please say which of these NTU-sourced publications you have read or consulted (tick as many as apply).
2. Please say which of these NTU-sourced online resources you have used, if any.
3. Please say which events have you attended, if any?
4. How much has the research on labouring-class writing at NTU affected
  Your general knowledge of these writers        
  Your interest in these writers        
  Your appreciation of these writers and what they achieved        
  Your understanding of why these writers remain important        
  Your desire and ability to ‘spread the word’ about these writers        
  Your own writing or studying        
About yourself
6. Have you engaged with NTU’s labouring-class poetry research in any of the following capacities (please tick as may as apply)
7. Have you ever been involved in an academic course which included any of NTU’s labouring-class poetry research?
Thank you for your thoughts and your time